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PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source object-relational database system.

For information on how to install and get started with PostgreSQL take a look at their official documentation page.


After you are fully setup and running take a look at this section as it might help you. Here we display tips and processes that will help you develop better with PostgreSQL.

Database dumping

Great for testing during development at your local machine. Here is one way of doing:

Step 1

You can connect by SSH to the remote server, do the pg_dump call and send the output back to stdout of a local machine. Here’s an example, replace the names in UPPER_CASE with the real ones:

ssh SSH_USER@SSH_SERVER "pg_dump --exclude-table-data=_block_number_txid -d REMOTE_DB_NAME -h localhost -U REMOTE_DB_USER" > DUMP_NAME.sql 

We are excluding the _block_number_txid table because it’s big and we usually don’t need it on the local dev machine.

It will ask for the password for REMOTE_DB_USER.

Step 2

Undump DUMP_NAME.sql to your local DB:


For a more detailed step-by-step about database dumping command and options in Postgres.